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News Image His work blends a unique candid snapshot feeling with a richness of color and perspective that allows the viewer to fall into the photograph and feel for a moment as if they were there and a part of the story being told. Some of his most intriguing and engaging photographs include shots done with British Customs in Portland, Oregon featuring their first-in-the-scene Triumph Street Twin complete custom scrambler edition build. British Customs just published an interview with Landsaw on their blog. In the interview, he discusses how leaving everything behind to live in Costa Rica with just his wife and a surfboard gave him an appreciation for the simple life, how he cultivates “organic” photography sessions, his thoughts on the adventure lifestyle, and more. In the interview, Landsaw tells the story of how he and his wife escaped from the tedium of modern life to learn how to live simply by moving to Costa Rica. There, he says, their possessions included a duffle bag of clothes each, a camera, and a surfboard. A life so removed from the noisy hustle and bustle of urban living taught them to value the moment, and each other, and when they eventually moved back to Salt Lake City, they brought that mentality built around knowing what was truly important back with them. Landsaw discusses how he discovered motorcycling out of a simple need for transportation one summer, and the way it immediately transformed his life. He talks openly about how motorcycles became a main focus in his life and how he was met with wide success when he began to share his motorcycle photography. Landsaws interview is part of a series of interviews conducted by British Customs to promote the unsung heroes of motorcycling. To help highlight the work done by some of the people who make motorcycling what it is today, British Customs has been committed to featuring various community members through sharing interviews, profiles, and collaborative projects with their audience.interview skills

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